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Namastetics Blog

Where We've Been & We're We're Headed

The last month has been super busy for the Namastetics Team, and it's leaving us so excited for our future. We had the pleasure of visiting our su...

Oh, How We've Grown

Oh, How We've Grown
We launched the Namastetics Store in December 2016. In the last 28 months, we've learned a lot - like how many women appreciate bras for small ches...

Yogi Of The Month - Meet Amanda

Yogi Of The Month - Meet Amanda
Our Yogi's Of The Month started as a way to share the profiles of strong, powerful, mindful and bright people who inspire us every day. This month'...

How Namastetics was born

How Namastetics was born
Namastetics was born from a vision to be a brand that focuses on inclusivity and accessibility; two values we felt have been lost in the yoga apparel industry, due to high prices and exclusive locations. My co-founder Shane and I felt that there was a need in the market for high-quality products, at affordable prices.